Funny Charts

Famous Movie Quotes

Posted Jan 16, 2014 | Original Source: Nathan Yau The American Film Institute's top 100 movie quotes of all time... a... Details

Lego Venn Diagram

Posted Apr 21, 2013 | Original Source: Stephen Wildish Awesome. ... Details

Types of families

Posted Mar 27, 2013 | Original Source: G-UYS As a single dad, I appreciate this chart. And with the US Supreme Court ... Details

Art History Chart

Posted Jan 22, 2013 | Original Source: Marco Marilungo Art history confusing you? This funny (yet also quite handy) c... Details

The End of the World?

Posted Dec 21, 2012 | Original Source: ??? If you know, email me. The perfect chart for today, as we prepare for Maya... Details

Magical Beard Lengths

Posted Dec 19, 2012 | Original Source: Stephen Wildish I guess this chart's kinda timely considering that it's almost... Details

Yoda Venn Diagram

Posted Jun 7, 2012 | Original Source: Stephen Wildish Who's small, green, and has poor grammar? Nope, it's not Kermit... Details

Santa Venn Diagram

Posted Dec 7, 2011 | Original Source: Stephen Wildish Merry Christmas everyone! ... Details

Engineering Flowchart

Posted Nov 15, 2011 | Original Source: ??? If you know, email me. This is quite likely the single most useful chart e... Details