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In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

The little spiral galaxy in the center of the first image is our own. But as you can see from these charts, galaxies come in other shapes and sizes too, many of which are much larger than the Milky Way. Click for a better view:



Original Lunar Landing Plan

The following images are from a 1967 chart by NASA outlining the original step-by-step plan for the Apollo moon landings. There’s something about the colors and fonts used in the 60’s that I absolutely love:






And here’s the whole thing. You can click on it to download the full-sized version:


Space probes

I just came across Richard Kruse’s excellent website, which has drawings and size comparisons for just about every space probe and spacecraft ever to explore our solar system.






Humans to Mars in 2018?

Yesterday, billionaire Dennis Tito (known for being the first ever space tourist) announced plans to send one man and one woman (preferably married) to Mars in 2018 via his Inspiration Mars Foundation. It would be a fly-by and return mission, not a landing, and his choice of a married man and woman boils down to the fact that he wants both sexes to represent humanity on this important mission, plus it’s a rather looooong trip to Mars, and, um, well, you figure it out…


Space Rovers

The Curiosity space rover has a long way to go before it catches up to Opportunity, which has been cruising on Mars for almost 10 years now. This space rovers chart shows the distances every rover ever sent to space has driven on either the Moon or Mars.


Solar System Exploration

This chart of solar system exploration shows every robotic space probe currently exploring (or about to explore) a major solar system object… except for the Earth and Sun of course, because there are way to many of those to show on one chart.


Galaxy Tube Map

I’ve always loved the London Underground Map. Well, this is what the Milky Way galaxy would look like as an subway system!


Saturn V Rocket Blueprint

This chart explaining the Saturn V rocket using third grade English spawned the Up Goer Five website, where folks try to explain difficult concepts using only the 1000 most commonly used English words.


Space Colonization Plan

This chart from the 1980’s was made by aerospace giant Rockwell International during the height of the Cold War. Recently tracked down by MAKE Magazine’s Sean Ragan, it predicted a lunar outpost by 2008, a Mars landing in 2020, and all sorts of other cool stuff. You can download the complete, hi-res PDF here.


Types of Rockets

Types of rockets from all over the world lined up side-by-side for comparison purposes. Click for a better view or buy the poster here.