Science & Technology History

Posted Dec 29, 2014 | Original Source: Quartsoft.

Ever look at your phone wonder how technology got us there? Cool chart from Quartsoft traces the history of the iPhone back to tally sticks in 35,000 BCE. Click to enlarge.



NASA Golden Age of Space Travel

Posted Dec 5, 2014 | Original Source: Matt Baker, UsefulCharts.

Neat chart detailing the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Skylab missions. Click to enlarge.

NASA Golden Age of Space Travel

NASA Golden Age of Space Travel




Robots in Film

Posted Nov 20, 2014 | Original Source: webhostingbuzz .

Robots have taken on many sizes and shapes in film throughout the years. Here’s a look at the evolution of those robots from the 1927 to present day. Click to enlarge.

Robots in Film

Robots in Film

Future Comics Movies

Posted Nov 5, 2014 | Original Source: ComicsAlliance

If you’re wondering how long you’ll have to wait  to see the new Batman, Captain America, Avengers, or any other future comic flick, the folks at Comics Alliance have produced this nifty infographic. Click for full size.future-comics-movies


Timeline of the World

Posted Aug 18, 2014 | Original Source: UsefulCharts

UsefulCharts just updated their Timeline of the World chart, claiming it is now the most up-to-date world history timeline available. It includes over 100 major empires, kingdoms, and civilizations. Can also be purchased as a poster here.


Planet of the Apes Movies Timeline

Posted July 11, 2014 | Original Source: io9

The original (1968) Planet of the Apes time-twist blew my mind when I saw it as a kid. Since then, the remakes/sequels/prequels have made things messy.  This chart tries to make some sense of it all. Click the image to zoom.

planet of the apes

Classification of Life

Based on a vintage design, this chart shows how over 250 plants, animals, and microbes are classified into domains, kingdoms, phyla, orders, families, and genera. At the same time, it also shows where each group fits into the evolutionary history of life according to the most up-to-date genetic research. Available as a poster here.


Game of Thrones Family Tree

Here’s a great chart to help you sort out all those characters in Game of Thrones. It only contains spoilers if you haven’t watched Seasons 1 and 2. Click the image for a better view. Scroll down for a slimmed-down chart focusing only on the four main families. Also, be sure to see the Game of Thrones Characters chart, here.


Below is a simpler chart focusing only on the four main families. It primarily shows the royal bloodline with all the claimants and possible claimants, including popular fan theories (SPOILERS!). Click it to enlarge. Thanks to UsefulCharts  for this one!


And, if you think these bloodlines are complicated, check out the real game of thrones. It’s a family tree of European royalty from Charlemagne to the new Prince George of Cambridge. You can see that, like the TV show, marriages between royal houses are super important. It’s made by UsefulCharts and is available as a poster.


Future Solar System Map

This is not your typical solar system layout. Reason being is that this is actually a science fiction map of our future solar system complete with hyperjumps and cyrogenic sleep stations. Available as a poster here: here. Click for a better view: